Badgerstaff Wheneverly
"Mission Impossible: Part II" -- Jeffy B.
"Virtual, My Foot" -- Jessa S.
"Behind the Newbie" -- Alex K.
"New Zealandish Ramblings of the Bug" -- KtDiD
"Shattered Moonbeams" -- Rachel G.
"Powderful" -- Meg B.
"Finding Yourself" -- Chelsea B.
"Fellowship of the @: The Two Towers" -- Leia T.
"Canadian-itas" -- Kyla S.
"A Sentimental Note" -- Becca H.
"The Porcupine Patch" -- Nicole P.

Issue #6

Barely...just barely...but indeniably issue #6.

I know it may not seem like a lot of work, but putting out the paper this often takes a lot of effort for everyone involved. So thank you to everyone who helps with the Badgerstaff-Wheneverly-making-process.

Potterfest is coming up this year! Hurrah! For those of you who were wondering what it is, it's a Harry Potter symposium organized by "Harry Potter for Grown-Ups". If you would like more info about this event, go to

Well, onward to the paper, my dear badgers.

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