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"A Sentimental Note" -- Becca H.
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An Article

Becca Hand. I am sure that when everyone hears my name they all think, 'SPAM!' Yes, I do spam. I'll admit it. But I have had people tell me it is quality spam. Anyway, my spam is not the point of this article. What is the point then? You might be asking. Hold your horses!!! Patience is a virtue! I am getting there.

I first joined the SBMB not knowing what I was getting myself into. I thought it was going to all be about Sean and his hotness and how much we want to have his children and such. I figured I would go see, then never come back again. And now here it is, 4 months and 4006 (at the time I am writing this) posts later, and, in fear of stating the obvious, I am still here.

But why am I still here? I think you all already know the answer, but I am now going to try to elaborate on it a bit.

Everyone on the board helps everyone else out. That's almost a given. But I mean not in getting to know the board better or the rules. If anyone needs anything, all they have to do is post and voila!! There will be replies almost instantaneously encouraging the person or telling them that you are thinking of them.

This became even more apparent after a member posted their problems. Not only did I reply so did many others. I also e-mailed this person. She said that when all the world was down on her and her friends seemed to not care anymore, all she did was post and then people showed her caring and sympathy, all the things we all will need from time to time.

In this powerful moment, I realized the reason I was still on the boards. I have helped many people, but hardly ever got such a touching thank you. I realized that I felt the same way many of you did when I was in high school, and I am here to help you through it. I had no one to help me through it, but that just made me tougher and learn more about myself so that I am better able to help you.

But another thing I came to realize was how much you all have helped me. This help was not apparent at first. It wasn't some bada-bing bada-bam thing that I knew right away. It has taken me several months to figure this out. You all have helped me accept things that I would otherwise not have been able to accept. I don't think any of you really know what I am talking about, but thats ok. Because of everyone's kindness and love, I know that maybe one day I can meet people who will love me as such. You have helped me accept me for me and not someone that I want to be. And for that, I thank you.