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"Mission Impossible: Part II" -- Jeffy B.


"Mission Impossible: Part II" -- Jeffy B.
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A Fanfic

The next day the SBCers awoke to the sun's brilliant light shining through the windows of their bedrooms. Some welcomed it and woke up with a smile, but others simply whined and hid their heads under the pillows.

"I grin at thee, thy grinning sun," Jessa beamed as she stretched and got out of bed happily.

Down the hall in Alex's room, moans and sounds of annoyance could be heard, "Ach, my eyes! I'm blind!" cried Alex, holding her arms out, trying to shield herself from the sun's petrifying rays. "I'm, I'm-" Alex fell out of her bed with a great thud.

What stood out amongst all these sounds, wasn't coming from the girls' room, it was coming from Seanus's room at the end of that hall. (And no, it isn't that kind of noise you sick little perverts. There isn't going to be any marfing in this fic. *cocks eyebrow* Or is there?)

"Heee!!!" Sean squealed, flouncing around his room with neon green hair (it turns out the girls put green Kool-Aid in Sean's shower head) and the appraised saying still tattooed on his forehead. He got up on his four poster bed, wearing purple sequined hot pants with nothing for a shirt other then a hot pink sequined bow-tie, and grabbed an insanely expensive hair brush off of his night stand. Then, with a dramatic spin to face an invisible camera Sean belted out, "The phone rings in the middle of the night, my father yells what'cha gonna do with your life. Oh daddy dear you know you're still number one, but girls they wanna have fun, oh girls just wanna have," Seam tipped his head back and sang soulfully, "That's all they really want, some fun. When the working day is done, girls-" Sean stopped singing and whipped his head around to look at the door.

"Oh my god," Melisus exasperated with bugged out eyes. Behind her stood the rest of the SBCers, all wearing the same shocked expression on their faces.

"He is gay!" Cami said, pointing a trembling finger at Sean. Some of the girls dropped to their knees, looked upward as if looking at God, threw their hands up, and yelled, "Whhhhy?!"

Leia gawked at the figure standing on the four poster bed. He shrieked when he discovered the girls watching him so now he was hiding behind one of the curtains to his bed, only exposing his green-haired head. "You know what? He looks like some porno version of an Oompa Loompa!" The girls nodded in agreement as Alex stifled a giggle. Kroots and Jeffy, who both had cackles loud enough to nearly deafen someone, weren't as good at masking their laughter and had grab onto each other to stable themselves as they laughed their heads off. Sean winced at their laughter and pulled his head behind the curtains.

"Don't you guys know how to knock?! Get out of here!!!" Sean yelled girlishly from behind the curtains. The girls laughed as they pushed each other out of the room to go down stairs and eat breakfast.

Sean came down to the kitchen, where all the girls were chatting wildly about marf knows what, fully clothed. The SBCers looked up and some of their hearts sank when they saw Sean without his Oompa Loompa ensemble. He sat down quietly and poured himself a bowl of Fruit Loops. He could feel the girls' eyes on him, but when he looked up they were looking down at their food or reading a newspaper.

"Interesting article Chelsea?" Sean asked after hearing Chelsea throw a fit of giggles from behind the newspaper she and Leia were reading.

Chelsea's head poked up as she took a sip of coffee and nearly snorted the coffee out her nose . Then, she quickly pulled her head back behind the newspaper where she whispered something to Leia and they began to giggle madly. Sean decided he didn't want to know what they were on about, so he continued eating his arificially flavored o's. That is, until he heard it again. Chelsea was giggling her little arse off so much that one had to worry if she was breathing because her face was turning a bright shade of red. Sean wasn't in the best of moods that morning and tried to ignore Chelsea's constant outbursts, but it was really getting on his nerves.

"What, what's so funny?" he demanded as he dropped his spoon in his bowl with a clink. He folded his arms and waited for an answer. Finally, Leia and Chelsea laid the newspaper on the table, looked at each other, looked back at Sean, pointed their fingers at him and yelled, "OOMPA LOOMPA!!!!" The room burst into laughter as Chelsea banged her fist on the table gleefully. Leia looked across the table at Sean and was surprised to see him joining in the laughter.

"You just caught me in a....touchy moment," was only Sean's excuse.

Melisus snorted then sang, "I don't want anybody else. When I think about you I touch my self." The girls hooted and cheered then the room died down and everyone went back to eating.

Leia poured herself a cup of freshly brewed coffee and when she took a sip she spat it out in disgust. "EWW!!! Sick!" she yelled as she took her napkin to wipe her mouth.

"What is it Leia?" Cami asked in a concerned voice.

"Sean, what the marf?! What kind of coffee is this?!" Leia said in between gurgling her mouth to get the taste of the awful coffee out of her mouth.

"It's the Starbucks kind that you sent for my birthday. Or was it for Christmas...maybe it was Easter," Sean began thoughtfully, "No, it was the kind you got me for Martin Luther Kings Day. I...don't really remember," he said as he got up and opened one of the cupboards. "You only send a bag to me for every holiday, I have beans up the wazoo." he grabbed a opened bag of Starbucks coffee and threw it to Leia. "Here, that's the kind I used."

Jeffy tip-toed to the cupboard where Sean stored his coffee. She stretched out a hand, looked around suspiciously, and snatched a bag or two of coffee. Then she scampered off giggling like a mad man.

Leia sniffed the coffee, that was still in her cup, and her face screwed up into a sour expression, "Gah, how much did you use?"

"Uh, 'bout two of those lil cup thingers they give you." he replied. Leia snorted, "Well, no wonder why. God Sean, what are you trying to do? Kill me with coffee withdrawal?! Your suppose to put the whole bag in," she demonstrated by dumping out the old coffee grains and pour a new bag in. "There," she beamed.

"What are you Leia, Java-the-Hut?" Sean asked as he watched Leia lick the coffee grains off her fingers. The room snorted.

"No," she began with a hurt expression,"I just happen to have an addiction problem with coffee," she sniffed, "I think I have to leave the room now," and with that she ran out of the room, a hand brought to her face dramaticly and a bulge in her shirt that looked oddly like a hidden coffee bag.

"Leia!!!" the girls cried after her as they leapt out of their chairs to follow her. "Why couldn't you just go to Yale?" Jeffy asked with an angered expression.

The room was empty now that the girls ran after their marfy friend in distress. The only person left in the kitchen was Sean. He slumped into a chair and rested his face in his hands while saying aloud, "This is going to be a very long week."