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"The Porcupine Patch" -- Nicole P.

An Article

Nicole Porcupine's new patch, will help you control your SBMB cravings, when there is no computer in range. Just answer these 5 simple true or false questions, and see if you need the Porcupine Patch.

1. Your hands get shaky when you haven't posted for a while and there is no computer around to satisfy your cravings.

2. You sit in corners screaming "MARF" at the top of you your lungs, when you need the board but you cant get on.

3. You freak out on your siblings when they have been on the computer too long,(10 minutes) because you need a turn.

4. You sneak on the computers, in class to get a quick post in, even if it means getting a detention.

5. You walk to the public library to use the computers, because yours is broken or its your only choice.

If you answered "true" to one or more of these questions you need the Porcupine Patch. The patches will satisfy your cravings any time any where. They are easy to make and convenient to carry.

To make the patch you will need: Tape, Porcupine Patch (a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk), and yourself.

Instructions: Place the disk on your shoulder. Take the tape and wrap it around the disk and your arm to hold the patch in place. Keep on your arm until, your cravings are gone.

I love you guys!
Hello Kiddles!
So here I am, 5 or so months later, still part of this wonderful place. This place is my safe spot. I come here and get away. I get away from judgment, and disrespect. I have so many memories with you lurvley folks, it blows my mind. I wonder how you guys can put up with me sometimes, when I go off on wild rants. I think my very first post was me complaining about the state of the environment, and how we should all use plastic reusable containers when we get fast food. Wow you guys probably thought I was the biggest nerd ever. Oh well, I dont care, you guys accept me for who I am, and I know that I can say anything, with out getting a reaction of disgust because of what I believe in. I love how we all look out for each other and stand up for what we believe in, and that I know that there will always be some one to catch me. You all make me laugh, I come on here when I am sad, and no that with in an instant, I will be given advice to my problems. My dad walks past me on the computer and sometimes reads what you guys have posted, and he thinks your absolutely hilarious. I love going into the chat and just reading about your days, makes me happy. This place is wonderful. We all work and run like we are in our own little community. This is what I love. My friends laugh at me when I tell them that I am on here all the time, but they dont understand, no one can fully understand, until they have been here. Once you are here it is difficult to leave. When I went on my camping trip in the summer all I thought about on the way home was "wow I am going to have so many cool stories to tell these guys when I get back."
I love this place to pieces and I love the friendships made here, in fact I love every person on this board, because each and every one of you, have a interesting life and I love to be your friend, I hope that you love to be mine. (that's a lot of love)
I hope this made sense because Im extra tired today.