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An Article

You may have seen it on TV. You may have seen it on your town. You've probably seen it in Canada. "What is it already?" you say. I'll tell you what it
is; Canadian-itas.

You say, "You made that up!" And I say, Damn straight.

But I have made up this phenomenon not only for your sanity, but also your amusement.

----Here is our only Frequently Asked Question.----
How can I protect myself from Canadian-itas?
Since there is no real cure for Canadian-itas, except for a half-cracked theory
of watching PBS, you must be aware for those containing these six symptoms:
WackinessCanadian $
Acts punk without actually being punk and is successful at it.
Tells exceedingly humorous bodily jokes.
Knows French or speaks with French accent.
And the most severe cases, humping a dead moose.
Now I bet you say, Well, that seems great...except for the moose thing. And I say, aye, tis aboot the humour my friend.