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"New Zealandish Ramblings of the Bug" -- KtDiD
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An Article

Well, I missed the last one, but here I go. Random stuff of this article: Blinds, Prank Phone Calls, and whatever else my fevered mind comes up with. Oh, and probably something on marriage (Shout-out to Meg!)

Blinds: Whoosh!

As I sit here, my dad is playing with the blinds. Whoosh, they go up. Whoosh they go down. Wow. Why did they make blinds go "Whoosh" anyways? This has been a random thought.

Prank Phone Calls

Fun to make, not fun to get. I got the refridgerator one the other night. Pooh. I started talking about Prince Albert in a can. Yup. I succeeded in confusing the poor kid.

Word: Hell on My Computer

I have come to the conclusion that my word sucks. I type something on it. It won't print out. It won't save to a disk. I can't even copy and paste it to an e-mail without it screwing up. What a bunch of Pooh.

Cappucino and Lime Rock Candy

My two fave foods in the whole world. No wonder I'm so fat. Anyways, I think I'm going to ask Meg if we can serve them at the reception. Yummy. How 'bout it Meg? MMMM.....and fizzy carbonated beverages.


I'm finally "e-tying the knot" lol. Whoo-hoo! Now the family tree grows larger. Here's to getting engaged over an IM conversation. LUrve...what a beautiful thing. LOL. My mom thinks I'm crazy (don't know how she found out. Remind me to eat my brother later). She says it's wrong. I say it's all in good fun and we're all good friends. What's one more branch on the UBA/SBMB tree, eh?

Well, That's it for this bug. I think I have Walking Pneumonia again. And so, I leave you.

Lots of Lurve and Lime Rock Candy,