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A Poem

To ski or not to ski...SKI!

You wake up in the morn,
Dress in a daze, anxious to get to the mountain.
The layers of clothing make you start to sweat.
You clamor into the car, full-laden with equipment,
and...youre off!
Driving up you hit the groove of the radio, and can't
help but bop.
Fully-psyched you arrive at the base...and stare up at
the incredible sight.
Taken aback, you are humbled by the awesomeness of
And, at the same time, man's ability to tame it.

Boots on, you click into your skis, now the time has
Finally ready, you head for the lift.
Waiting in line you look at the hundreds of red faces,
anxious to get back on the slopes.
As you take a seat you are whooshed up
Well away from the base, you decide to take a look
behind you...
The span of mountains is a truly awesome sight;
On a clear morning you can see the other two local
mountains looming in the distance.

At last, you exit the lift and cruise steadily around
the corner;
The magnitude of what you are facing becomes apparent,
but not to you.
From this moment on, everything becomes a blur of
Your legs seem to become one with the mountain as you
glide at unfathomable speeds.
Almost any surface formation can become a potential
Too often, when approaching a precarious jump, it is
easy to slow, and reduce the risk.
Not so today, today is the day I go for it!
Carefully planned, this next hill could--yes!
The rush of adrenaline tells you that you hit it.
Nothing compares with the feeling of a run in which
you held nothing back.
As the end of the day approaches, you take one last
look from the summit.
The last rays of the sun tinge the surrounding snow
with the orangy-pink colors of sunset.
Sunlight sifts through the trees, creating a magical
strobe-like effect as you pass.
By the time you reach the bottom, the sun is set, and
the mountain is ready to sleep.
You sit by the lodge fire and sip hot chocolate.
The exhaustion of the walk back to the car reveals how
much you actually worked.
If only all work did not seem to be such!
You arrive home and slip into a hot bath.
The minutes become lengthened and time seems not to
You are sure of only one thing...
This was a good day!