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A Fanfic...Continued

I quickly and silently left. Unfortunately I tripped just as I reached the double doors. I could feel his eyes on me, they bore
a hole in my back as I picked myself up. Footsteps sounded behind me, talk resumed in the hall, a hand fell on my shoulder.
Then I heard his voice."Rhia are you okay?" said Remus with concern.
"Yes I'm fine" I still did not turn around to face him. After what had happened long ago, I couldn't.
"Are you sure, you seem a bit dazed."
"Yes I'm okay, I should go. My dinner is probably getting cold upstairs."
"You could eat here in the hall if you want."
"That's okay, I'd rather dine upstairs in my room. Good night Remus."
"Good night Rhia."
I turned and calmly walked pass Remus and up the stairs. Tears began to run down my face as I reached my room.
Images around me became blurry and I sunk onto my bed. My mind drifted back to that fateful day and the events that
too place befoe hand.
(authors note:all flashbacks or"memories" will be enclosed in *stars. All memories will be told from Rhia's point of view)
The day was as gloomy as the one before it. Nearly every day was horrible. The only ones that were fairly decent were the
ones when Remus looked or smiled at me. His smile could light up anybodies life. Defense against the Dark Arts is my favorite class
because I get to sit near him.
(author's note:At this point Rhia is young and in love with Remus. She also has a less adequate
vocabulary than the one from her older age.)
I finally reached class. Blast the staircases! They always think they need to change every hour. I wish someone would make them stop
doing that for at least one day. But of course no one will they want to make my life as horrible as it possibly can.
The professor began to teach, I started taking notes. I became bored so I doodled on a spare piece of parchment.
Remus leaned over and put something on my desk so of course I picked it up. It was a note that said this:
Have you finished the assignment for potions? I need a little help. Could you meet me in the library after
classes are finished and show me what I need to do?
I turned the paper over and scribbled this:Of course I will, first I have to get some of the ingrediants out of my
trunk though.
Then I handed the paper back to him. Remus had not been in class the day before. I hadn't done the assignment however
so I decided to ask Severus after class he might help if I promised to supply him with more ingrediants for his other
"projects". Class ended and I stopped Severus near the stairs.
"Severus I need your help, do you have the assignment for potions with you?"
"Yes why?"
"Because I need to borrow it for a little while. If you help me then I will get some pixie wing and other stuff for you."
"Fine, but this is the LAST time I ever help you out. I'm only helping you because I am running low on
pixie and faerie wings."
Severus handed me the papers, I rushed upstairs gathered what i needed and rushed back down to the library.
Remus was waiting at a table near a window. I set all of my things on the table and began to unpack what we would
need. I explained everything to him and we finished the potions assignment then left to return to our common room.
Severus was waiting outside by the the entrance to the Hufflepuff common room. I handed him his papers,
he left and I went up to my bed.
*Flashback done*
A bird chirping by the window woke me. The food from last night was cold so I tossed it away.
I got dressed ,ate breakfast(which appeared where my dinner had been), and leaned out the window.
The dew still lay upon the grass and the scent of it reached me. I turned and left, it was time to work.

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